Kate's "Big Smile" was to have a much needed night away with her husband.  Kate had been undergoing treatment for cancer. 

A huge, massive thank you for the most wonderful night at Soho FarmHouse. It was utterly brilliant. We loved every second of it. We cycled, swam, played tennis, went to the gym, so many things i haven’t done in SUCH a long time. (Note to self: need a new swimsuit, one that’s not all baggy :) Most importantly we sat and chatted, some tough talks at times, in a way that my husband and I haven’t been able to very often when you have a 3 and a 4 year old around. The night was restorative in so many ways. Saturday at home was a very slow day with a rather large day time nap, and I think I’ve only just about recovered, but it was all totally worth it. 

Thanks again. It’s a night I’ll remember forever xx