You don't stop being young just because you are ill...

Karen was an amazingly positive person who loved smiling and wanted others to smile too. Even when things were tough for her she was thinking of others and how things could be improved for their future.  She had a wish to raise money to help others with life limiting diseases and to help them and their families in whatever form that may be.

"Big Smiles" was then created smiley

This amazing philosophy is something her friends and family loved about her and what we as a charity are trying to continue in her memory.

We know that other charities raise money for research or to provide these types of “wishes” to children but our purpose is to specifically help 18 to 40 year olds in the local area and provide them with a “big smile” whether in the form of a dream/wish they have or a practical solution.

We feel we are unique as we know that this is an age group that needs our support as sadly when Karen went through her difficult time there wasn’t anything in place to help her or anyway for her to go to be with her own age group.

Please learn how we can help and read some of the "Big Smiles" we have provided.