What is PMP?

Pseudomyxoma is a rare, often slow-growing, low grade cancer that frequently starts in the appendix.  The tumour does not spread through the blood by stays in the abdomen where it produces large amounts of a jelly-like mucus and increase in size.  This can cause problems with moving and breathing and affects the body's ability to absorb food properly. 

What causes PMP?

In the majority of cases an adenoma (tumour) is found in the appendix.  Like many other tumours, pseudomyxoma can occur in people who lead healthy lifestyles. 

Signs and symptoms

The most common symptom, for both men and women, is a slow increase in waist size.  The enlarging abdomen puts pressure on the gut and provents people form eating normally.  Despit this, people often notice an increase in body weight.

How is PMP diagnosed?

It is difficult to diagnose since mucus tumour may be present in the digestive system, gallbladder and ovaries.  It is often found unexpectedly while investigating discomfort or swelling in the abdomen - this is usually during an ultrasound or CT scan or surgery.

Please visit the NHS site or Cancer Research for more information.