About Us

Karen was a determined, independent, funny and ever so slightly zany.  In January 2007 she was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP).  This didn't stop her or put a dampener on her character, she continued to work hard in her job as an ITU nurse, where she had worked for 7 years, despite her illness, applying herself in other ways to help the hospital, staff and patients when the chemotherapy meant that she could not work on the ward itself.   Karen was an exceptional nurse and an incredibly caring person and her dedication and determination bought a smile to the faces of so many people.

Karen was a very keen runner and set a fine standard of philanthropy for her friends to follow, having run the London Marthon in 2005 in an impressive four hours and three minutes in memory of her Grandad who died of Alzheimer's disease.

Karen's initial wish was to raise enough money to purchase and donate a syringe driver to Iain Rennie.  This simple piece of equipment would enable patients to self-administer their pain relief in their own surroundings.   Over the past nine years we have been able to take Karen's wish and help many individuals aged 18 to 40 who live in Bucks, Berks and Oxon and have  raised a lot of "Big Smiles" in the form of grants, providing equipment, support, holidays and donations and many many more.

 Karen past away in July 2010 aged 32, she made us smile so much and we aim to share her philosophy with others.